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Youth Group

Christ Lutheran’s youth group exists to provide our young brothers and sisters in Christ with Scriptural instruction and encouragement, Christian fellowship, and opportunities to put their faith into practice.  Young people of high school or college-age are welcome to be a part of the group whether they are members of our church or not.  We normally meet for Bible study/game nights twice a month (except during Advent and Lent).  We also participate in occasional service events, fellowship events, mission trips, and youth rallies.

Youth Group Bible studies from the past year included:  “My Identity Matters,” a study on who we are and how we define ourselves; “The Bible’s Regressive Teachings,” a study on Christian teachings that popular culture would label “old-fashioned” or worse; “Dealing with Experts Who Disagree,” a study which taught young people to think critically when listening to “the experts;” “Death, Then What,” an exciting study on death :) and being ready for it; and “The Prodigal God,” based on the book by Timothy Keller.

We hope you will join us for to grow in your faith and friendships!  Call or text Pastor Odell at (715) 891-5065 to find out when our next Bible study or event is coming up! 

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